STRYKE and Recovery Force Target Warfighter Needs

STRYKE Industries has reached an agreement to assist Recovery Force in DoD and VA market penetration in parallel with its outreach to the elite athletic performance community.

Recovery Force’s on-body device uses dynamic kinetic compression to improve circulation and blood oxygenation before, during and after intense physical performance. Not only is this of benefit to echelon athletes, it also has many potential military applications, from alleviating pilot fatigue to expediting soldier system enhancement.

When worn, Recovery Force’s unit provides systematic mechanical massage to targeted muscle groups, potentially improving the user’s reaction time and elevating performance through increased blood circulation, explained Matt Wyatt, CEO of Recovery Force.

“Compression gear isn’t new to elite athletes or warfighters – but there are limitations to existing products’ mobility and practical use,” Wyatt said. “We understand that recovery is a 24-7 task. So we designed our on-body unit so it can be worn before, during and after performance – whether that’s a triathlon or an infantry exercise.”

STRYKE and Recovery Force have identified product expansion potential within numerous military applications from SOCOM to DARPA, with limitless adjacent opportunities.


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