13 April 2015




STRYKE Industries with headquarters in Warsaw, IN has been accepted, with prestigious distinction as a nontraditional small business defense contractor, to the National Armaments Consortium (NAC) and the Department of Defense Ordnance Technology Consortium (DOTC).  The NAC is a consortium of over 250 traditional and nontraditional defense contractors and academic institutions operating under the provisions of a NAC Consortium Member Agreement that has been executed by the participating member organizations.  The NAC is governed by a ten-member Executive Committee consisting of a proportional number of representatives from small business, large business, and academic institutions.  NAC currently funds $527M/yr contracts to advance the state of the art technologies for our Warfighters and looks specifically to non-traditional defense contractors for execution of these efforts.  STRYKE is in an advantaged position to team with disruptive technology companies to participate in this novel and streamlined contracting mechanism.


The DOTC is a collaborative partnership between the Department of Defense and the National Armaments Consortium.  The Under Secretary of Defense commissioned DOTC for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics as a DoD initiative.  The Enterprise was established by the Under Secretary to facilitate collaborative Government, Industry, and Academic ordnance technology development and prototyping.


“We are thrilled to be part of this exceptional organization.  We value the professionalism, rigor, timeliness and care the NAC-DOTC takes in assisting members.  We will aggressively work as a forward leaning non-traditional defense contractor to bring novel, disruptive and transformative solutions to the warfighter in the area of Ordnance and Energetics through advanced manufacturing/super alloy concepts and development,” said Christopher W. Rohe, SVP Strategic Development.



STRYKE Industries and its sophisticated network of body-certified custom component manufacturers provides an unprecedented value to its clients by delivering challenging components on time while meeting the strictest of QUALITY requirements. STRYKE Industries founders and team have extensive experience in advanced manufacturing processes and logistics management. For more information about STRYKE Industries contact

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