STRYKE’s vast capabilities lie within its sophisticated network of teaming members supported by our strong technical program management, seasoned acquisition excellence, adept business acumen and years of high-level executive management in the most intense business environments. Our teaming members are third body-certified and have achieved exceptional past-performance within the eyes of government and other industry clients. Our collective network provides unprecedented value to our customers by delivering pinpoint solutions to challenging problems; we do this on time while meeting the strictest of QUALITY requirements.

Our true value comes into play when there is early collaboration with our customers and teaming members, thus allowing for project intimacy. This often leads to lower total-landed cost, superior design-for-manufacturability (DFM) and compressed lead-times (BEST VALUE).

Below is a list of our capabilities. This list continues growing as our customers’ needs become increasingly more demanding. STRYKE readily accepts and has anticipated this challenge; hence, we are prepared to continue investing in order to perform at the highest levels.