shutterstock_186083183A technology that is rapidly expanding and is finding more and more application as its capabilities are better understood and where and where not it provides advantages over conventional machining. There is an array of materials that can be produced in metal, plastic and many others.  Accuracy, component complexity, density and size vary greatly depending on the type of equipment being utilized. Because most additive components require post-processing, new machine technology is in development that can be both sintered and machined all within the same piece of equipment, so the sky is the limit with additive technology.

Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) is a technology that uses a fiber optic laser to fuse together layers of metal powder. The parts are built up additively, layer by layer, to create a dense end product. This amazing technology is already proving itself in many industries, including aerospace and automotive to create single piece geometries that cannot be produced otherwise. This technology is not for all applications and the understanding of the science and how to design for additive components must be understood and we can offer that experience. Materials include:

o   Cobalt Chromium

o   Titanium-6Al-4V

o   Inconel 718

o   Stainless Steel 15-5 /17-4

o   Aluminum AlSi10Mg

o   Maraging Steel

Additional Capabilities include: