Exothermic/Endothermic Materials


STRYKE powered by NEXOTHERM™ privately designs, develops, and manufactures exothermic and endothermic products exclusively in the USA.

STRYKE has identified key applications currently unmet in the defense and federal government arena that include but are not limited to the following:

– Thermal energy storage; conditioning of buildings, such as ‘ice-storage’; turbine inlet chilling
– Cooling of vehicle engines
– Thermal protection or cooling of food, beverages, coffee, and other food products.

– Medical applications: transportation of blood, operating tables, hot-cold therapies
– Warfighter body cooling under bulky clothing or armor
– Waste heat recovery
– Off-peak power utilization: Heating hot water and Cooling; Heat pump systems
– Smoothing exothermic temperature peaks in chemical reactions
– Solar power plants; spacecraft thermal systems
– Thermal comfort in ground vehicles and aircraft (transport or fighter)
– Thermal protection of electronic devices; computer cooling
– Textiles used in military clothing
– Telecom and other electronic shelters in hot regions
– Cooling of warfighter canine patrols

NEXOTHERM™ is a world leader in providing custom private label solutions in: Professional Athletics (NBA, NFL, MLB), Military and Defense (Global), Medical and Biomedical Consumer Products, Commercial and Industrial Energy Management, Fuel Cells and Batteries, Alternative Energy & Green Energy, and College Athletics (NCAA)

CORE BENEFITS: lightweight, durable, infinitely rechargeable, non-caustic, non-corrosive, and dielectric

TECHNOLOGY OVERVIEW: Our core technology is an ultra-pure rechargeable liquid that maintains a defined temperature for a set period of time. The uniquely high purity of our product enables us to both extend and challenge the current limits of existing products. Eliminating these limitations, enables us to design and develop simple solutions to traditionally complex problems. The simplest way to explain our technology would be a comparison to water. Water only freezes at 32 degrees and takes a long time to do so. The life of the freeze is short and dissipates quickly. Our technology is the exact opposite. It can freeze quickly, at safe variable temperatures, and hold a specified temperature for an extremely long period of time. Our distinct advantage of creating applications to the exact specifications of our customers has resulted in a suite of breakthrough products spanning nearly all industries. “…the technology is simple, the applications are limitless.” -michael giuliano, president

PRODUCTS AND PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT IS CONFIDENTIAL (no public web catalogue). Please contact our STRYKE Senior Vice President for Business Development, David Augustine, at david.augustine@strykeindustries.com for the technical video password, product demonstrations, and on-site appointments. Our innovation team will find the right solution to serve your needs.

Video Link: http://vimeo.com/103232313 (contact our SVP of Business Development for the password)

Additional Capabilities Include: