At Stryke we are constantly evaluating emerging technologies and looking for the gaps that will need to be filled. The following areas are areas in which we’ve focused to provide cutting edge solutions for our customers.

IT & Cyber Solutions

We offer a large spectrum of capabilities from managed IT DevOps services to customized artificial intelligence testing solutions. The platforms of tomorrow require solutions that are dynamic, flexible, and focused on the environment at hand. With our goal always towards disruption, Stryke focuses on comprehensive solutions utilizing innovation as a core ingredient.

  • Intelligent Test - Artificial Intelligence Scenario Generation / Testing Solution
  • Cyber Vault – Manhattan Level Project Designed to Protect National Level Critical Data
  • Behavior Guard – Tool to Block Nefarious Actors Dead in Their Tracks
  • 360 Security Inspection – Cutting Edge PhD Level Cyber Inspection
  • Cyber Garage – The Ultimate Configurable Cyber Training Environment
  • Encryption - Bolt-On Unhackable Encrypting Capability

Counter UAS & Non-Lethal

Whether it’s the battle field or the ball field, protecting our spaces from unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) intrusions is one of our core technologies. Stryke offers a mid-range solution that is capable of defeating not only individual drone threats, but also UAS swarms. We are leaders in non-kinetic / non-lethal technologies focused on disabling, rather than destroying a threat.

  • Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems (C-UAS)
  • Focused Acoustics

Advanced Materials

Future systems will require materials that are custom designed and optimized to each facet of the intended application. Instead of accepting application limits of traditional material libraries, developers will have the ability to tune the properties of materials in numerous, beneficial ways. Furthermore, instead of building complex, multi-material systems, future designers will be able to design multifunctionality into their materials enabling the deployment of novel systems across a host of industries.

Stryke is leading this thrust by utilizing our material expertise, design know-how, and application awareness to develop and commercialize next generation materials for real-world needs. Be it within the Department of Defense, the electronics industry, automotive, or aerospace, Stryke is dedicated to disrupting the status-quo and bringing these novel materials from drawing board to reality!

  • Nano-Materials
  • Super Alloys
  • Coatings
  • Thermal Management
  • Thermal Protection

RF Spectrum Dominance

The term radio frequency encompasses much more than the radio waves we hear in the car. From cellular signals to drone transmissions, the RF Spectrum has become a very crowded space. We offer the technology to identify, differentiate, and characterize each of these signals, converting them to meta-data catered specifically for our customer's needs. Stryke has the preeminent technology suite in this area and works collaboratively to deploy the capabilities in support of our customer's interests.

  • Drone Detection
  • Patterns of Life - RF Fingerprints
  • RF Situational Awareness