At Stryke we are constantly evaluating emerging technologies and looking for the gaps that will need to be filled. The following areas are areas in which we’ve focused to provide cutting edge solutions for our customers.

IT & Cyber Solutions

Stryke Industries offers a novel, disruptive approach to defensive cyber by providing a suite of highly disruptive cryptography tools, called SEAS, for both data at rest and data in transit data protection within zero trust environments (where the system has been fully compromised). Though the concept of a zero-trust network is not in itself novel, the capability to deploy a system economically and efficiently to protect it is. The SEAS hardware security endpoint solution is network agnostic and operates transparently in the background while integrating seamlessly across all operating systems, software programs and architectures. Management from a central SEAS Management Console makes it easy to deploy, scale and manage endpoints while providing the capability to real-time detect, defend and monitor network attacks.  SEAS was not only developed to defend industries such as Government, Finance and Healthcare to name a few but it was developed to defend these industries from future quantum attacks as this new threat evolves.  SEAS is patent pending and ready for your application today while providing a disruptive solution that will protect your environment for years to come!

Counter UAS & Non-Lethal

Whether it’s the battle field or the ball field, protecting our spaces from unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) intrusions is one of our core technologies. Stryke offers a mid-range solution that is capable of defeating not only individual drone threats, but also UAS swarms. We are leaders in non-kinetic / non-lethal technologies focused on disabling, rather than destroying a threat.

  • Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems (C-UAS)
  • Focused Acoustics


Advanced Electromagnetic technologies and devices are critical to current, state-of-the-art systems and will continue to be of paramount importance into the foreseeable future. Stryke Industries is forging this path by developing, optimizing, and deploying a range of electromagnetic topologies designed for current and future systems. These technologies are scalable and applicable to a host of applications including electric generators and electric motors and offer remarkably high efficiency power generation or electrical conversion while maximizing other beneficial system traits. Applications may include, but are not limited to:

  •  Permanent‐Magnet AC or DC Motors and Generators
  •  Induction Motors
  •  Linear Motors and Actuators
  •  Electromagnets

RF Spectrum Dominance

The term radio frequency encompasses much more than the radio waves we hear in the car. From cellular signals to drone transmissions, the RF Spectrum has become a very crowded space. We offer the technology to identify, differentiate, and characterize each of these signals, converting them to meta-data catered specifically for our customer's needs. Stryke has the preeminent technology suite in this area and works collaboratively to deploy the capabilities in support of our customer's interests.

  • Drone Detection
  • Patterns of Life - RF Fingerprints
  • RF Situational Awareness