STRYKE Industries’ professional business services are very different than the industry standard.  We do not simply rep for customers, and we are by no means just “door openers”. We actively avoid conventional consulting, which typically leaves clients with the implementation challenges to perform on their own and often never getting done.

At STRYKE Industries we pride ourselves on truly teaming and collaborating with our strategic list of complementary clients to build long-term and enduring relationships.  Our team of seasoned professionals is “all-in” from cradle to grave for a very specific purpose — to work together on government or prime contractor efforts.  We understand confidentiality and know the importance of ensuring your sensitive information is not shared outside of the STRYKE team. Our end goal is to collectively grow new business in core areas of the under-served government markets and to provide complementary services and business opportunities amongst our teammates; not at the expense of each client, as is typically the traditional consultant’s dilemma.

STRYKE’s industry unique “ hand-in-glove” teaming agreement is built on a simple core focus: collaborate to succeed towards a synergistic and collective goal.  At STRYKE we refuse to over-saturate our plate; we only team with firms/partners that we have hand-selected to play a substantial role in an entire franchise of capabilities.  Contact our executive team if you want to participate in the STRYKE challenge.