The Pentagon
The STRYKE team is comprised of an unprecedented combination of business, technology, military, and manufacturing professionals. Each team member brings their knowledge, expertise, relationships, and connections to work for our clients and customers. Utilizing the “best athlete” approach we collaborate and build unwavering relationships that allow us to provide continual service. To learn more about each team member, click their photo below.
Tobias Buck portrait

Tobias Buck, Co-Founder and CEO

Mr. Buck has a varied background; he grew up in a dairy farming community in southeastern Minnesota. His educational background is in engineering and finance both at the undergraduate and graduate levels respectively. [read more]
Van Flamion portrait

Van Flamion, Co-Founder and President

Mr. Flamion’s career has taken him from publicly traded Fortune 500s to privately held corporations that spans nearly thirty years and has afforded him experiences in various leadership positions in Aerospace, Automotive and Medical Device markets. [read more]  

Col (Ret) David Augustine, SVP Business Development

David L. Augustine, Col (ret) was hired in Oct 2014 as the Senior Vice President of Business Development by STRYKE Industries where he currently assists with the growth and development of small, medium and large size DOD businesses including new startups. [read more]

Ian Fuller, Vice President of Materials Engineering

Mr. Fuller joined Stryke Industries in November, 2016 as the Vice President of Materials Engineering. He will be leading efforts to incorporate and utilize new materials and technologies within Stryke’s product and services portfolio [read more]

Aaron Springer, Account Executive

Mr. Springer serves the Stryke Team as an Account Executive focusing growth strategies across a portfolio of Team Members. Prior to joining Stryke he was a Quality and Continuous Improvement Manager at United Technologies Electronic Controls, [read more]
Tom Gabbert portrait

Thomas Gabbert, Executive Advisor – Interim CFO

Mr. Gabbert is a Certified Public Accountant and a Chief Financial Officer with 25 years of experience in accounting and financial management, with particular emphasis in dealing with issues unique to dynamic, high-growth businesses.[read more]

Aaron Pence, Advisor

Mr. Pence serves the Stryke Team as an Account Executive focusing growth strategies across a portfolio of Team Members. Prior to joining Stryke, he was an Integrated Product Team Lead for BAE Systems, focusing on aftermarket repairs, upgrades, and overhauls for military and commercial aircraft engine control systems. [read more]