Ian Fuller, Vice President of Materials Engineering

d61_9333_4x4Mr. Ian Fuller joined Stryke Industries in November, 2016 as the Vice President of Materials Engineering. He will be leading efforts to incorporate and utilize new materials and technologies within Stryke’s product and services portfolio. Mr. Fuller has extensive experience in business development, advanced technology commercialization, and corporate strategy and has traveled extensively as an invited speaker at numerous conferences and symposia on nanomaterials, energy storage, and materials commercialization. Having worked on a plethora of projects including energy storage technologies and devices, polymer nanocomposites, and advanced thermal management materials, Mr. Fuller has a diverse set of experiences and skills that will be brought to bear on behalf of Stryke.

Prior to joining Stryke, Mr. Fuller served as the Vice President of Business Development and Engineering at Angstron Materials. In that position, Mr. Fuller spearheaded a multitude of initiatives including the validation and verification of enhanced products, marketing and sales drives, and the development of a custom product development framework. Mr. Fuller received his Master of Science degree from Cornell University in material science and engineering and his Bachelor of Science from Wright State University in engineering physics. Mr. Fuller has one published patent and two peer reviewed journal articles.

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